Research on innovative gender combines roles of women and men with a process of innovativeness and creativity. Innovativeness is vital to development of knowledge-based economy and society. In our research we will focus on specificities of innovative behaviour by men and women. If female innovativeness and creativity is manifested differently than male ones, and if male innovativeness is taken as a gender-neutral model, then some dimensions of innovative and creative behaviour is overlooked in economic models and policy prescriptions. Insufficient use of gender innovativeness limits social and economic progress and hampers gender equality. Therefore, learning about special aspects of female and male innovativeness could result in finding new sources of progress, also through elimination of the existing barriers. There is a possibility that public policies supporting innovativeness are gender-biased. If such policies promote male-type innovative behaviour, treating innovativeness and creativity as gender-neutral, specific female innovativeness may be unnoticed and not supported, making innovativeness more difficult for women than men. Introduction of the innovative gender concept will indicate what incentives are needed in order to promote gender equality in the areas of innovativeness and creativity.